Daily Meds

Blending politically charged, rapid flow lyricism, large bass-driven beats and up-front female vocals; Daily Meds have a unique, forwards thinking sound which is still deeply rooted in hip hop ethos.

The crew formed in inner-west Sydney late 2009 as collaboration between MC’s P.Smurf and Mikoen, producer Roleo and vocalist Billie Rose.

Their 2010 self titled EP was the first Big Village release, featuring the crew’s first single ‘Everybody Get Pumped’, the song which won the crew a slot at Come Together festival through Triple J Unearthed.

In Arpil 2012 Daily Meds released their debut full length album Happy Daze. Backed by the strong Triple J airplay of their grimey single ‘Insane’, the album is quickly becoming an underground success.

The Happy Daze LP offers up a diverse take on modern hip hop and beats, the crew have focused on synthesizer-heavy production and relevant social issues – earning praise for their electronic influences and lyrical dexterity, resulting in a contemporary sound which references both the past and the future of hip hop in Australia.

“the release of this full-length album is only going to fuel the burgeoning buzz about the hyperactive quartet.. the music’s so infectious you’ll find yourself dancing whether you want to or not” Happy Daze review – The Brag (15th May 2012)

In November 2014 Daily Meds dropped their second full length album ‘Sour Milk’, unleashing passion and imagination throughout. From the warp-speed rhyme schemes, and subversive lyricism of P.smurf and mikeon, to Billie Rose’s soulful, arresting and vocals, held together by Roleo’s deft future beats production.

Sour Milk is Intelligent, danceable and perfectly executed, adding an aggressive yet sophisticated romp into the psyche of our times. An instant classic and the groups’ greatest work to date.

In July 2015 Daily Meds announced, that they will no longer be making music together.

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