Loose Change
Loose Change
Big Things Volume One
Various Artists

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Loose Change

Combine a beatmaker with a golden touch on the drum machine, two mcs with gifted flows and life-fuelled lyricism, and a DJ who brings it altogether live and you’ve got Loose Change. MCs Ellesquire and Rapaport, beatmaker P Major and DJ Sam Z released their debut self titled album in 2010 as a free download through Big Village and has since had over 3000 downloads.

Producer P major is a diverse and dedicated musician who regularly performs in jazz, African music, and experimental music events throughout the country. He has produced beats for the Tongue and 13th Son for their forthcoming albums, as well as Ellesquire’s solo album ‘Ready’.

In 2013 the group dropped ‘Listening party”, the second album following on from first single ‘Shoosh’ – a sharp, tongue-in-cheek, four minute jab at some people’s lack of ability to know when to be quiet – the record cracks Loose Change open to reveal a depth of lyric and instrumentation that says a hell of lot more than ‘pipe down, man.’

‘Listening Party’ is the kind of album that gets a run at the Cognac/cheese platter house party, or during the post- party Sunday session when everyone reconvenes for dinner and slow sips, rather than sound tracking the wall-destroying, “in the club”, $2 basics type of party that littered our late teens and early twenties; where your parents invariably asked why the Peach Schnapps was inexplicably absent, the toilet seat was hanging on by a hinge and the garden hose had lost 5 feet of length overnight.

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