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P. Smurf

As a founding member of Daily Meds, Reverse Polarities, Big Village and Sketch the Rhyme, P.Smurf has been mastering his craft for over 8 years, and it shows. P.Smurf has had a triumphant last 12 months culminating in Daily Meds being shortlisted in the top 9 of the 2012 Australian Music Prize for their debut album Happy Daze. The group ’s debut album was well received by both fans and critics alike and earnt the accolade of FBI ‘s Sunsets album of the week, while the second single ‘Insane ‘ was placed on Triple J high rotation.

In September 2012 P.Smurf released a mixtape titled ‘Smurf Village ‘ which has already clocked up over 1000 downloads, a testament to the underground following he has built throughout his career.

‘The story so far’ is a sun drenched 7 track giving P.smurf the chance to share more personal stories and really go in depth into what makes him tick as a person and an MC.

After listening to his EP and seeing his live show it is obvious P.Smurf is comfortable both on-stage and in the studio. His persona is relatable, yet avoids becoming shallow, allowing him to swing easily between comedy, satire, social and political themes, all tied together by his strong rhythmical style, hard hitting punch lines and sharp wit. Definitely an artist to watch out for in 2013.

To add to his accolades the hard-working 25 year old has shared the stage with the likes of Wu Tang Clan, KRS-ONE, Dj Premier and Rahzel to name a few. He has also performed at the Woodford Folk Festival, Peat ’s Ridge, Melbourne Fringe, and Come Together festivals.

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