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Reverse Polarities

Reverse Polarities are a Sydney based Hip Hop crew, renowned for politically charged lyrics, rapid fire rhymes and high energy live shows. Formed back in 2005, RP were quick to make an impact on audiences, performing countless gigs and cementing there name firmly as an act to keep an eye out for. After releasing their self titled mixtape in 2008 to critical acclaim, P.Smurf and Mikoen (also members of the 2013 AMP top 9 finalists, Daily Meds) have reunited with their counterparts, Kit Complete and Mute MC, to release what will now officially be the groups debut LP.
RP unashamedly tackle a wide range of political and social themes, with a razor ship wit and technique that is sorely lacking in a local scene more concerned with catchy hooks than lyrical content. Production is handled entirely by Kit Complete, whose inspired left of centre sampling provides the perfect sound scape for the talented emcees messages to unfold over.
Amongst a consistently turbulent political climate and with their debut LP due out through Big Village in November, Reverse Polarities are one group to look out for when it comes to passionate music directed at making a change for the better within our community