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Loose Change

Listening Party

Loose Change

Big Village is very proud to release the sophomore album from Sydney allstar’s Loose Change.

Following on from first single ‘Shoosh’ – a sharp, tongue-in-cheek, four minute jab at some people’s lack of ability to know when to be quiet – the record cracks Loose Change open to reveal a depth of lyric and instrumentation that says a hell of lot more than ‘pipe down, man.’

Five years after MCs [and Big village co-founders] Ellesquire and Rapaport and producer/multi-instrumentalist P.Major first starting creating, second album Listening Party is a mark in an unashamed ‘coming of age’ confessional. With the trio all hovering around 30 and sobered [to a point] into the fact that growing up may well be on the cards, they haven’t dropped any of the youthfulness of their previous works, admitting that the album’s title is a play on the contradictory concepts of paying attention and trying to be sensible [Listening…] and being young enough to still get into some fun […Party] if not trouble…

Indeed, Listening Party is the kind of album that gets a run at the Cognac/cheese platter house party, or during the post- party Sunday session when everyone reconvenes for dinner and slow sips, rather than soundtracking the wall-destroying, “in the club”, $2 basics type of party that littered our late teens and early twenties; where your parents invariably asked why the Peach Schnapps was inexplicably absent, the toilet seat was hanging on by a hinge and the garden hose had lost 5 feet of length overnight.


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