Loose Change

Loose Change

Loose Change

Sydney based hiphop crew, Loose change release their debut album of laidback, infectious beats and honest, soul soaked raps.

MCs Rapaport and Ellesquire provide heartfelt lyrics with a sharp delivery. The raps are backed up by the sample-heavy P major production, with gritty drums, chopped up rhodes samples and moog-synth basslines. Cuts by Sam Z and some formidable guest verses by P Smurf, and the Loose Change sound is complete.

Since the release of their Album, Loose Change has given out 1300 copies of the CD and has had over 1200 downloads of the full album.

THE BRAG – Survival of the Fattest – Single Review ★★★★ “MCs Rapaport and Ellesquire and guest P Smurf deliver their rhymes with a fury and slickness that demonstrates that while this may be a new project, these guys are pros who know how to turn a phrase…More like this please, Aussie hip hop. More like this.” – Mikey Carr

3D World – LOOSE CHANGE – Album Review “Sydney based producer P major, rappers Ellesquire and Rapaport, and Sam-Z on the cuts have put together an album that plays like a kick-arse jam session of professional musicians. P major laces together some real soulful and jazzy classics for Ellesquire and Rapaport to exploit with their fluent, natural flows and thought provoking lyrics. ……Overall Loose Change reminds us of how fun music can be and how a group’s passion and love for it can liven up even the darkest of days” – L-FRESH

Album is now available for FREE DOWNLOAD from www.loosechangehiphop.com