Mute X Roleo (EP)

Various Artists

Big Village is very proud to present a brand new collaboration between producer Roleo (Daily Meds) and Mute MC (Reverse Polarities). This 5 track EP is the end result of the two heads linking up to collaborate on ‘Big Things Volume 1′.

Mute X Roleo as a project began as recently as late 2012, with the two finishing the writing and recordings that would become the 5 track EP within a month.
The two artists display a range of eclectic influence on the album; from the experimental ‘No Hope’; with its electronic beats and abstract lyricism, to the pop mentalities of ‘Release’; featuring intimate lyrics and a beautiful chorus sung by local busker Neho Richard. There are nods to classic hip-hop roots on ‘Ticket’ and ‘Tropikal’ and Mute even spits out some light hearted ragga flows on the first single monkey ‘Monkey’.

The EP is flooded with musical contradictions, and this is exactly what makes the collaboration so powerful; not to ‘real’ to burst into Jamaican ragga flows, and not to ‘cool’ to tell a real story straight from the heart. Just two heads going with the musical flow.
This EP is a testament to the pair’s creativity, drive and musical passion. It’s an exercise in contradictions, and a testament to hip hop music.

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